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making time to unwind.

Update regarding return to work following lifting of some COVID-19 restrictions: 

Fortunately, I've been busy completing Risk Assessments and various training as well as buying new equipment so now at last, following the Government announcements of July 9th 2020 and updated information from my Governing Body (FHT) and Insurer, it will be possible for me to treat clients again from Monday 13th July. I have decided to carry out Reflexology sessions only for the first few weeks until we get into the swing of the so called 'new normal'. 

To reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission it has been necessary to make some small changes, but I'm confident we will get used to these very quickly and the impact on your treatment will be minimal. 

  • Once your appointment is booked it will be necessary for us to have a conversation just prior to arrival to                     ensure we are both free from any symptoms of Covid-19. You will also be required to sign a Consent form.
  • You will need to be independently mobile as I'm unable to assist you on or off the couch.
  • I shall wear a face visor and face mask throughout your visit.  Please bring your own face covering to wear during treatment.
  • Session time must not be more that 60 minutes and the room must be well ventilated.
  • I would ask that you make your payment before your session. by bank transfer.if possible.
  • Please bring your own drink for after treatment and keep other belongings to a minimum.
  • A record of your contact details will be kept for 21 days and only passed on if required for track and trace                 purposes.  

There are a few other little changes which we will chat about on the phone but, now here's the biggie  . . .  

you'll have to put your own socks on at the end - unless you bring a clean pair in a plastic bag!

Thank you all for your support, I'm looking forward to treating you again. soon.               Haze       Updated 8.8.2020

Thank you to everyone who donated towards a product for the Front-line Care Packages. I had planned to keep a tally but with one thing and another counting stopped at 37! 
Surprise gifts for friends and loved ones have been popular. If you would like to send a little something give me a call, let me know how much you want to spend - many Weleda products are less than £10, and I'll do the rest.  
Below are the Customer Offers for September. Weleda are offering free home delivery on orders of £30 or more. Please get in touch for info on all products. 
I decided to have two winners for the August "Names in the Hat" so congratulations to Helen and Kerry, prizes on their way to you!




Whether you can only spare half an hour or have the luxury of a whole day, time spent relaxing in a quiet, comfortable environment will help calm your mind and recharge your batteries.


My treatment centre is located in Polegate, five miles north of the seaside town of Eastbourne in the beautiful county of East Sussex.


Private parking is always available, but should you decide to make your journey by train, Polegate Railway Station is only a few minutes flat walk away.


Treatments available include reflexology, aromatherapy and massage, all of which  are tailored to your specific needs.


Making Time to Unwind will give you the opportunity to relax and focus on your well-being.