Hazel Curtis - Holistic Therapist. . .   

making time to unwind.

Weleda Wellbeing Advisor -  That's me!

I believe in using the holistic approach, I love healthcare and skincare so being a Wellbeing Advisor for Weleda is something I really enjoy. 

Weleda products are 100% certified natural and 84% of all the plant ingredients used are classified as being of organic and Biodynamic quality. None of the ingredients have ever been tested on animals.

For further information regarding Weleda products, to book a 1:1 skincare session or a    

                              complimentary Weleda facial or to discuss hosting a Wellbeing Event please get in touch.


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                              You can also email me via the link.  I'd much rather you phoned me though as you might miss

                              out on a good deal or money saving offer by going direct to my shop . . . just saying!



 Federation of Holistic Therapists -

 The leading professional association for therapists in the UK and Ireland.


National melanoma and skin cancer charity -
Skcin; The Karen Clifford Skin Cancer Charity. 
Everything you need to know, to enjoy the sun
safely and detect skin cancer early. The Facts, Prevention and Early Detection.

Birthing & Beyond - 

Midwife run Ante-natal Classes in Eastbourne and Brighton


 ichill Music -

 License Free Music - written and performed by the I Chill Music Factory.

 This is the music which plays during your treatments.